Environmentalism is now an essential part of modern life and the nation is waking up to its responsibility to the next generation. Schools and students have already played a major part in encouraging the shift, and we would like to help maintain the momentum in Cumbria.

The Eco Forum will develop into a fully interactive resource offering schools a comprehensive support network featuring connections to useful organisations, a noticeboard of events in the area and a meeting place for teachers to share their experiences in organising each school’s environmental programmes.

The forum will be built primarily from the abundant riches supplied by schools entering the Cumbrian Eco School Awards which will take place on 13th March 2020. These awards have been designed to celebrate those schools taking great strides to improve their environmental footprint and to reward them for their actions. The best of the work undertaken by these entrants will form the backbone of the eco forum resource, and the teachers responsible will be a key component of the support network at the heart of the forum.

We are asking all schools who have undertaken environmental initiatives to apply for one or more of the four award categories. The application process is simple, the financial prizes are substantial, and the awards ceremony will be a day of celebration, showcasing the work of the best students and teachers in front of their peers. You can download a pack from our application page.

Call us on 01943-604030 or email us at contact@ecoforum.org.uk for further information.

We are anxious to visit as many schools as possible to introduce the awards and the forum, so let us know when this would be possible.

Good luck

David Guthrie


37-39 Main Street
Sedbergh, Cumbria LA10 5BL


01943 604030