Apply for an Award

Schools may submit only one entry for each award category. Our judges will look at every application in isolation and only when choosing the overall Cumbrian Environmental School of the Year will we consider multiple applications from one school together.

The application process is not designed to be onerous and therefore we are avoiding being overly prescriptive. We want you to explain your work in a way that suits your school the best. We do want to avoid schools submitting large quantities of extra paperwork, although if there are supporting documents or items that you feel help showcase your good work please contact us.

Think broadly about what your school does. The environment is at the heart of everything, even if your school does not yet have many activities that are obviously earmarked as environmental you might be surprised about how much your school already does. Big impacts can be made by simply doing lots of small obvious stuff. Think broadly and tell us what you do – you might even surprise yourself.

Application process

  1. School entry form – submit only one per school.

    This is to tell us a little bit more about your school and the context for the environmental initiatives you are undertaking.

  2. Award submission – one application per category
    1. Video presentation – a five min video to illustrate what your school is doing. We do not expect you to be professional cinematographers, although you may have some very talented students, teachers or parents who can help.

      Videos should be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo on a School Account with all of the appropriate permissions from your school.

      Both of these services have extensive documentation: “YouTube”, “Vimeo”. There are also many 3rd party blogs and videos that offer training in a sometimes more relevant and approachable manner. We aim to recommend such resources over the coming months.

      Editing may be done in any number of suites but we have “Filmora” as a good free option and plan to use this in our own short films.

    2. Supporting documents – a written summary of your project(s) to support and further explain the projects summarised in your video.

  3. Finalists

    Up to five finalists will be chosen for each category. Each finalist will be asked to form a presentation team of one teacher and up to three students and present live to the judges on Awards Day.

Once you have decided on the category you would like to apply for, download the application pack as a pdf, Microsoft Word file or in a format of your choice from our GoogleDrive.

Deadline for applications: Friday 21st February 2020
Awards day: To be announced


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